In an age of green transportation, and massive gridlock on New York City streets, few ideas make as much obvious good sense as pedicabs. These modern versions of the classic Asian rickshaw offer a fast and environmentally clean way to get around the clogged streets of Manhattan. In recent years, these human-powered vehicles have gone from being an oddity to an increasingly common sight. However, nothing is even as simple as it seems in a modern metropolis like New York.

The Third Wheel, is a documentary about the regulation of the pedicab industry in New York, is an exciting tale of entrepreneurship that develops into a fascinating expose of the real inner workings of city government. Through two of the industry's founders, George and Peter, we see how government is legislating over a small business while catering to special interests. The Third Wheel is essential viewing for anyone who is interested in the environment, wants to understand the hidden processes of government, or just looking for a mesmerizing good story well told.

Third Wheel Trailer